Sign Holding Frames

The Sign Holders have a larger entry slot than most other frames (4.0mm) which allows a wide variety of signs to be used, such as cardboard, corflute and plastic signs.

changeable signs - sign holders


The Sign Holder has unique slots in its sides which enable it to be attached to the Display Clamp in portrait or landscape.

This system makes it  very simple and easy to hang Sign Holders and allows the user to remove the Sign Holder when new signs are to be placed in the holder.

changeable signs - sign holders 

The Sign Holder is available in A4 and A3 sizes and consist of a strong black ABS frame, a white corflute backing board and one clear protective sheet.

changeable sign holder

If you wish to display a graphic on both sides of the Sign Holder, additional clear protective sheets can be purchased separately to provide protection to your signage.

changeable sign holder - available in A3 and A4