Pallet Racking Sign Kit

The Pallet Racking Sign Kit is the easy way to display signs on pallet racking and slotted racking and shelving system, ideal for:

  • displaying product information
  • pallet racking aisle and bay identification
  • safety and warning sign hanging
  • displaying stock taking information


What is the Pallet Racking Sign kit?

The Pallet Racking Sign Kit consists of a pair of Frame Hooks and a Sign Holder.

The Frame Hooks are made from tough ABS plastic and are designed to easily slot into pallet racking shelving holes, providing a strong support for a Sign Holder.

The Sign Holders have unique channels in their sides that allow it to fit into the Frame Hook with the minimum of fuss.

Two of these Frame Hooks are used to support up to three Sign Holders.

Frame brackets for changeable signs changeable sign holder 

Frame Hook

Sign Holder


Example of Pallet Racking Sign Kit A

pallet racking signs kit


  • Up to three Sign Holders can also be attached to the same pair of Frame Hooks, giving the user a number of different hanging options for their signage!

Pallet Racking Sign Kit + one extra Sign Holder

Pallet Racking Sign Kit + two extra Sign Holders

pallet racking signs pallet racking signs



  • You can also attach two Sign Holders together by using a pair of Frame Joiners on the top or bottom edges of the Sign Holder, see pictures below.
pallet racking signs

pallet racking signs

Pallet Racking Sign Kit A, with additional Frame Joiners and A4 Sign Holder

Close up view of two Frame Joiners


More examples of how the Pallet Racking Sign kit can be used

These pictures show that it can even be hung on the inside of some racking as well as to the side holes if they are 12mm in diameter or more - great for end of aisle signage!

pallet racking signs
pallet racking signs