Sign Holding Display Kit


What is a Sign Display Kit?

  • The Sign Display Kit is a portable and versatile sign display system.
  • The Sign Display Kit consists of an adjustable aluminium bracket called a Display Clamp, one or more Sign Holders that hold either an A4 (297x210mm) or A3 (297x420mm) sign.
  • The Display Clamp contains silicone pads in its clamping arms allowing it to attach to many different types of surfaces without scratching or marking the clamping surface.  Made from anodised aluminium, it is strong and clean looking, capable of holding many kilos in weight.
  • The Display Clamp has adjustable clamping range of 28 to 55mm wide which allows it to be attached to many types of objects either vertically and horizontally, such as; window frames, desks, tables, reception counters,shelves, poles, partitions, gazebo and marquee legs etc.
  • The Display Clamps and Sign Holders are available in Kits to make purchasing quick and easy. Additional Display Clamps, Sign Holders, Frame Joiners or Protective Sheets can also be ordered separately.

How does the Sign Display Kit work?


  1. Undo the screw knob, open the clamp arms, then fit the Clamp onto the object, (Image 1).
  2. Press the Clamp arms together using your thumb and fore finger so that the pads in the clamp arms are firmly attached to the object, (Image 2).
  3. Lightly tighten up the screw knob to secure the Clamp to the object, (Image 3).
  4. Insert the Frame Joiner that is supplied with the Sign Display Kits into the bottom of the Sign Holder  (this is optional on A4 frames but recommended on A3 frames), (Image 4).
  5. Insert your signage into the Sign Holder then attach it to the Display Clamp by sliding the Sign Holder into the arms on the Display Clamp, (Image 5).

Your hanging sign is now done! (Image 6)

Adjustable bracket - changeable signs Adjustable bracket - changeable signs Adjustable bracket - changeable signs
fitting your changeable sign fitting your changeable sign fitting your changeable sign


Examples of the Sign Display Kit A - clamp + A4 sign holder

changeable trading hours sign

changeable sale sign
changeable sign

 Changeable open closed trading hours sign



Examples of Sign Display Kit B - clamp + A3 sign holder

changeable sale signs changeable sale signs

Examples of Sign Display Kit C - clamp + 2 x A4 sign holders

changeable signs


Examples of Sign Display Kit D - clamp + 2 x A3 sign holders

changeable sign attached to a pole  


Examples of Sign Display Kit E - clamp + A4 + A3 sign holder

changeable signschangeable signs  


What other changeable Sign Display options are there?

If you have an object that is less than 28mm wide that you wish to attach a sign to, there are two other Display Clamps that can be used:

  • Display Clamp 45mm (Product Code DC45) that has a 18-45mm clamping range
  • Display Clamp 35mm (Product Code DC35) that has a 8-35mm clamping range.
  • Individual items can be ordered to suit your needs.

Here are examples of what these Display Clamps can be used for:

no smoking changeable sign ohs changeable signs
Display Clamp 35 and A4 Sign Holder Display Clamp 35 with one A4 and one A3 Sign Holder
ohs signs - changeable signs
Display Clamp 45 and A3 Sign Holder


Due to the thicker silicone pads used in these Display Clamp arms, A4 Sign Holders should only be used when the Display Clamp is attached to a vertical surface.

Both A4 and A3 Sign Holders can be used if the Display Clamps 35 and 45 are attached to a horizontal surface.