What size sign does the  Sign Holder Hold?

The A4 and A3 Sign Holders have been designed so that standard A4 and A3 sized paper/card/plastic signs can be inserted and displayed in them.    This allows the user to create and print their own signs from standard printers using A4 and A3 paper without the need of special printing services or laminating.


Can the Sign Holding Frame be displayed in Portrait or Landscape Mode?

Yes, the frames have groves on all sides allowing it to be displayed in either.


What type of sign can the Sign Holders display?

The Sign holders have a wide open slot at one end that will allow signs up to 4mm thick to be displayed, which makes them ideal for holding corflute and solid plastic type signs as well as paper and cardboard signs.    Please note that all Sign Holders are supplied with a white corfulte backing board and clear protective sheet.


What can the Display Clamp be clamped to?

The Display Clamp can be attached to square or round poles, such as gazebo tent legs, umbrella poles, desk tops, railings, window frames, partitions, in fact many types of objects with its 28-55mm clamping range.

The Display Clamp is built from strong aluminum and is capable of holding loads greater than 3kg.


Will the Display Clamp damage the mounting service?

Because the Display Clamp contains high quality silicone  pads in its clamping arms and base it will not scratch or leave a mark on the surface to which it is attached.      It can be attached to a variety of surfaces such as glass, aluminium, wood, steel, plastic etc.


Do all products come in Kit form?

Only the popular sizes are supplied in kit form, however individual items can be ordered to suit your requirements.


Do you deliver?

We deliver Australia wide using Aust Post and other couriers as required.   A consignment note will be provide to enable you to tract your consignment.      Delivery to PO Boxes is accepted for smaller orders.


Can the product be used outdoors?

The Display Clamp can be used both in and outdoors.   The strong aluminium clamp and tough plastic sign holder are capable of withstanding windy and wet conditions.