Sign Holders for Offices, Shops, Warehouses, and Market Stalls


Clamp A Sign is an Australian product that now mades it easier to hang a sign using either: 


Sign Display Kit or Pallet Racking Sign Kit




The Sign Display Kit is a quick and easy way to hang and change a sign.  

It consists of an adjustable bracket called a Display Clamp and a strong plastic ticket Sign Holder.   


changeable signs - display clamp - adjustable bracket  


The aluminium Display Clamp has adjustable arms that can be easily attached to many types of objects from 28 to 55mm wide.   A Sign Holder is then connected to the Display Clamp arms to display your signage.

The Sign Holders are available in A4 and A3 sizes, are made from strong black ABS plastic and will hold A4 (297x210mm) or A3 (297x420mm) graphics.

They are supplied with a white corflute Backing Board that makes it easy to display your signs printed straight from your own printer.

They are are also supplied with one clear protective sheet to help protect your signage from dust, wind and marks.

If you wish to display signs on both sides of the Sign Holder, additional clear protective sheets can be ordered in the Accessories Section.


This Sign Displaying Product  allows you to display a sign on:

  • Shop front windows 
  • Desks/Reception Counters
  • Market Stall Gazebos, Tents and Umbrellas
  • Exhibition Stands 
  • Poles and Partitions
  • Glass and many other objects

It is as easy as 123:

1. Attach the Display Clamp, press arms in and secure with screw knob

      2. Insert your signs into the Sign Holder, then

          3. Slide the Sign Holder into the Display Clamp..........Done in seconds!


The advantages of the Sign Display Kits are:

  • Portable and ideal for displaying temporary or permanent signage
  • Signs can  be quickly changed and moved to another location in seconds
  • Save time and cost by printing your our signs using standard A4 or A3 paper
  • No need for tape and no damage done to your signs
  • Sign Holders can display in portrait and landscape and on both sides
  • No tools, ladders or holes need to be drilled to attach signage
  • No more signs falling or blown away in windy conditions
  • Complete changeable sign hanging solution

Some examples of how to use the Sign Display Kits

trading hours changeable sign
changeable sign fixed to table


The Display Clamp and Sign Holders can be purchased separately and if you need to hang a sign on an object that is smaller than 28mm wide, select either Display Clamp 45 or Display Clamp 35 and Sign Holders to suit your needs.

See the PRODUCT INFO section for more detailed information on the Sign Display Kits.

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Pallet Racking Sign Kits are used to display signage on warehouse pallet racking and other shop/office slotted shelving systems, such as:

* Dexion * Spacerack * Acrow * Brownbuilt * Colby * Macrack * Acerack * LT * Gobal 

Pallet Racking Sign Kit consists of:

  • 2 Frame Hooks that hook into racking slots, and a
  • Sign Holding Frame with white corflute backing board, that hold either A4 (297x210mm) or A3 (297x420) sized signage
  • A clear protective sheet to help protect your signs.   (If you wish to display signs on both sides of the Sign Holder, additional Clear Sheets can be purchased in the Accessories Section)

Examples of how to use the Pallet Racking Sign Kits

pallet racking signs  pallet racking signs

Pallet Racking Sign Kit A4

 facing sideways 

Pallet Racking Sign Kit A4

facing  outwards

Pallet Racking Sign Kit A4 + Two Sign A4 Holders

pallet racking signs
Pallet Racking Sign Kit A4 Pallet Racking Sign Kit A3 Pallet Racking Sign Kit A4 + One A4 Sign Holder


These kits are very easy to install and remove.    Two Frame Hooks are hooked into the slots or holes in the pallet racking uprights, then a Sign Holder is attached  to them by sliding them into the  Frame Hook arms.  

The Pallet Racking Kit will allow a Sign Holder to be displayed in three different positions on the Frame Hooks.

These kits are ideal for:

  • Pallet racking aisle and bay identification
  • Displaying product and sale information
  • Perfect temporary sign system for stocktaking
  • Managing stock levels by marking paper or card type signage in the Sign Holder
  • Displaying warning and safety signs

See the PRODUCT INFO section for more detailed information on the Pallet Racking Signs Kit.

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* We do offer discounts for larger orders, send us an email for a quote.